A day after announcing he won’t contest his seat of Fairfax, Clive Palmer has named the new candidates for his Palmer United Party. Things were going smoothly until he was confronted over his Townsville refinery.

Jacob Miley reports.


Clive Palmer was on the defence today after being confronted in an ugly spat with Federal Liberal National Party MP, Ewen Jones.

While taking a question regarding his newly appointed candidates for the Palmer United Party, the self-described billionaire was bombarded over his Townsville refinery.

Ewen Jones, MP for Herbert: “What about the purchases you made with the Queensland nickel money, Clive? It is true Clive, and you know it’s true.”

The two continued to disagree.

But then newly appointed New South Wales candiate, Suellen Wrightson intervened.

Suellen Wrightson, NSW Candidate Palmer United Party: “Goodbye Ewen, would you like a tissue?”

Mr Palmer went on to defend his nickel refinery, saying the company had never made donations to his political party.

Clive Palmer, Palmer United Party: “Look I don’t care what’s on record, I’m telling you what’s happened. Why don’t you ask me how it’s been funded, because the reality of it is Queensland Nickel is a management company, it has no money, has never had any money.”

Jacob Miley, QUT News.