The stage is set for a three-way showdown in the Queensland Liberal National party-room tomorrow, after leadership rumblings this week. Former League referee Tim Mander and former Treasurer Tim Nicholls will both challenge Lawrence Springborg.

Sam Mortimer reports.


Former Treasurer, Tim Nicholls, has ended speculation, announcing he’ll contest for the top job if tomorrow’s spill motion against Lawrence Springborg is successful.

He says his decision to run is not a reflection on Springborg’s performance, calling him “The father of the LNP in Queensland”.

Tim Nicholls, LNP Leadership Contender: “These are challenging times for Queensland, we have a Government that is sailing the Queensland ship of state into the doldrums.”

Pledging to campaign the length of the state, he says he can build a strong team to keep the Palaszczuk Government accountable.

Tim Nicholls, LNP Leadership Contender: “The problem is, the Government that espoused openness and transparency, and consultation; abandoned all of those values as soon as they saw the holy grail of political advantage.”

It comes after Tim Mander resigned from his frontbench position yesterday to also put his hat in the ring.

He says both the party and public are looking for change.

Tim Mander, LNP Leadership Contender: “What they’re looking for is people who are authentic and people willing to serve the Queensland public, and I believe I have the track record of doing that.”

Tim Mander has gone to ground this morning ahead of tomorrow’s crucial vote at 11 am.

Although Tim Nicholls is staying mum on his chances, it could be likened to a mini election campaign.

The woman who pushed former Premier and LNP leader Campbell Newman out of Ashgrove, Kate Jones, is tired of the flip-flopping.

Kate Jones, Member for Ashgrove: “Quite frankly, I think that they just need to get on with it for the people of Queensland.”

And a poll by the Brisbane Times shows people agree with more than 40 per cent saying none of the contenders should lead.

Political commentator, Clive Bean, says the fresh face of Mander is the safest bet.

Clive Bean, Professor of Political Science: “It will remain to be seen how well he performs in Parliament and outside of Parliament, and taking the fight to the Government, and proposing alternative policies.”

All three contenders have declined to speculate on their chances, leaving it to the party-room to decide.

Sam Mortimer, QUT News.