Bill Shorten will tonight give his budget reply. The Opposition Leader is expected to talk up Labor’s election bid, after today admitting that the campaigning really began long ago.

Ashleigh Whittaker reports.


Bill Shorten, Opposition Leader: “Today’s not an election launch, but today, oh well I guess since Malcolm’s called it three months ago, everyday is a campaign.”

Whether Labor likes it or not, their campaign will be in the spotlight tonight.

The Prime Minister has promised to confirm a date within the week, as the election pressure continues to build.

Malcolm Turnbull, Prime Minister: “I’ll be visiting the Governor-General shortly, there will be an election on the 2nd of July.”

Tonight’s Budget Reply will be one of the last business before the Parliament, before the dissolving of both houses.

Labor is expected to put money towards healthcare, education, renewable energy and housing affordability.

Bill Shorten is likely to pick apart the fairness of Scott Morrison’s budget, arguing it favours the wealthy and neglects everyday Australians.

Despite this, it’s likely Labor will back the Government’s proposed income tax cut for those earning over $80,000.

Bill Shorten needs to deliver a polished and detailed reply to clear up a funding debacle revealed earlier in the week.

Mathias Cormann, Minister for Finance: “Bill Shorten will have to explain to the Australian people how he is going to pay for all his unfunded spending promises.”

It’s expected Labor will draw funding from super tax concessions, the tobacco tax and through a crackdown on multinational tax avoidance.

Ashleigh Whittaker, QUT News.