So what does the budget mean for Queensland? The Queensland Government didn’t expect a lot from Scott Morrison’s first budget and its expectations were met. Treasurer Curtis Pitt is upset the word ‘Queensland’ was not mentioned once during last night’s speech.

Annie Pullar reports.


The morning after, 2 000 people gathered to digest the Turnbull Government’s first budget and what it means for Queensland.

Among the guests, the state Treasurer came out swinging.

Curtis Pitt, Treasurer: “The sunshine state is now the forgotten state.”

Curtis Pitt is angry, pleas for a new football stadium in Townsville have been ignored.

Curtis Pitt, Treasurer:”Perhaps even more unfair on North Queenslanders is the lack of any money for a new Townsville stadium.”

Curtis Pitt, Treasurer: “The unfairness is that money’s there, it’s just that they’re giving it to New South Wales and Victoria.”

There’s also nothing for cross-river rail and the Bruce Highway.

Michael Roth, RACQ Executive Manager Public Policy: “The Queensland economy certainly needs more investment in infrastructure to improve and grow more jobs.”

Brisbane’s traditional post-budget breakfast featured two of the nation’s elder statesmen.

Kim Beazley, Former Labor Leader: “Yesterday was the quietest, simplest budget I have ever seen.”

John Howard, Former Australian Prime Minister: “I think Scott Morrison did a very good job balancing the politics and the economics last night.”

Green groups are seeing red too, with the Australian Marine Conservation Society saying the budget fails the Great Barrier Reef.

However, the business sector has given the budget the thumbs up, despite the lack of funding for major projects.

Nick Behrens, Chamber of Commerce and Industry Director: “Very pleasingly, all businesses regardless of their size, over the next 10 years will have their company tax rate reduced to 25 per cent, we believe that this is now internationally competitive.”

With no major announcements for Queensland in the budget, expectation now turns to the possible big-spending promises the Turnbull Government makes during the election campaign.

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