Clive Palmer has announced he’s quitting his seat of Fairfax. But now there’s speculation he has the Senate in his sights, although the normally outspoken MP was pretty coy on that.

Jacob Miley reports.


The Palmer United Party founder confirmed today he would not seek re-election in his Sunshine Coast seat, which he won in 2013 by just 53 votes.

Clive Palmer, Palmer United Party: “True to my maiden speech, having concluded my service in the 44th parliament House of Representatives, I will not seek re-election to this house at the next election.”

But this afternoon he wouldn’t confirm if he would personally run for the senate, saying he would have to ask his wife first.

Clive Palmer, Palmer United Party: “I’ll ask for her advice, and whether it’s an impost on her.”

Instead he took the opportunity to take a swipe at the current government.

Clive Palmer, Palmer United Party: “I’ve made no decision to stand in the Senate, but I have made a decision as a citizen of Australia to make sure we have better policies.”

But he did confirm the Palmer United Party will continue to contest Senate elections.

And announced the party would have a zero policy on entitlements for politicians once they leave parliament.

Clive Palmer, Palmer United Party: “I’ll be running very strongly on the policy that no politician, no member of Parliament, any superannuation or any perks.”

It has been a tough month for Mr Palmer following controversy surrounding his nickel refinery in North Queensland.

More than 800 workers were laid off, and owed $70 million in entitlements.

Jacob Miley, QUT News.