As if Melbourne’s wild weather yesterday didn’t stir up enough of a storm. A water main burst in the city’s north this morning, creating havoc for morning commuters.

Laura English reports.


The water main burst on the corner of Arden and Abbotsford streets, disrupting peak-hour traffic early this morning.

Water flowed from a gaping hole in the intersection at around five am, waking nearby residents.

Local: “I saw it bubbling out of the ground so I thought oh well that’ll keep them busy for a while, I think the pipes are very, very old.”

Buses replaced trams as lines were repaired, but no properties or vehicles were damaged.

It’s estimated 1,000 litres of water was lost.

The clean-up is now underway but travellers are still asked to steer clear.

Cameron Fitzgerald, City West Water: “So we’d ask if commuters can not be around this area, we ask them to avoid the area.”

Laura English, QUT News.