“Postcard Bandit” Brenden Abbott will be extradited to Western Australia. WA police are readying to fly to Brisbane, to take the notorious bank robber and escapee into custody.

Elise Whittaker reports.


This morning, the Supreme Court denied Abbott’s appeal to the extradition ruling.

Ordering he appear at the Perth Magistrates Court within seven days.

Abbott’s already spent 18 years behind bars in Queensland.

Now he faces another 16 years for crimes committed in W.A. in the 1980s.

Despite that, his lawyer says Abbott has not given up hope.

Brendan Nyst, Lawyer: “There was some discussion during the hearing about possible legal avenues allowing him to reduce his prison timer over there so we will take a look at that.”

If he’d won the appeal, the 53 year old had planned to live a quiet life in Cairns, with his sister.

Brendan Nyst, Lawyer: “He is a resilient character and him and his family havent given up hope he will have a life outside a prison cell.”

For now though, he’ll stay behind bars.

Elise Whittaker, QUT News.