The NRL has accused Parramatta’s salary-cap masterminds of being in denial. Today, they stripped all the Eels twelve competition points accrued this year, and slapped them with a one million dollar fine.

The Club breached its salary cap in five of the last six years and the League’s advice is blunt, get your house in order, now.

Bronte Hearn reports.


It’s been a shocking day for the Parramatta Eels with a finding the club breached the salary cap by millions of dollars.

The NRL says it’s a difficult day for the club and fans, and a tough day for the game.

Todd Greenberg, NRL CEO: “This has to stop, and it stops today. Regrettably, the results at this stage are not only disappointing, they’re a stain on our game.”

The integrity unit found the Club was $570,000 over the regulated salary cap this year.

They’d breached the rule for five out of six years.

Todd Greenberg, NRL CEO: “The preliminary findings suggest the operation of a deliberate, coordinated and sustained system of salary cap cheating by the club.”

The findings will see the Eels docked of all competition points, fined $1 million, and stripped of the Auckland Nines Title.

Todd Greenberg, NRL CEO:”The club will be able to accrue points as soon as it makes the necessary changes to comply with the cap.”

The team was ranked fifth place on the ladder, but can’t earn points until they come under the salary cap.

The penalty isn’t as severe as that of the Melbourne Storm in 2010.

The club was stripped of its 2007 and 2009 NRL titles.

Today’s findings are preliminary and the Eels have a chance to respond, before the NRL undertakes its final review.

Despite these penalties, the team can still make the finals.

They’ll need to win 12 out of the next 15 games and the players are ready.

Tepai Moeroa, Parramatta Eels Forward:”Everyone’s just got to stay solid, stick together we’ll get through it.”

Reporter: “The season’s not over is it?”

Tepai Moeroa, Parramatta Eels Forward: “The season’s never over.”

Michael Gordon, Parramatta Eels Fullback: “Where there’s life there’s hope.”

Five club officials will be sacked, their registrations also cancelled.

It’s not all over for the five club officials, they still have a chance to prove their registrations should be reinstated.

Bronte Hearn, QUT News.