By Tegan Atkins

Brisbane’s World Science Festival kicked off last night with a stunning and captivating performance of Light Falls: Space, Time and an Obsession of Einstein.

Light Falls

Light Falls is about Albert Einstein’s discovery of general relativity and is a difficult subject to understand.

Co-Founder of the New York festival and Light Falls writer, Brian Greene said the show, “involves advanced mathematics (and) subtle features that are difficult even for us professionals to fully wrap our minds around”.

“But when you look at the heart of the theory (and) an understanding of gravity… that kind of journey of discovery is something that everybody can get excited about,” he said.

Queensland Museum CEO Professor Suzanne Miller said she hoped the festival would “demystify science” and inspire students to fall in love with science and go into science-related careers.

“We know most jobs in the future will involve science, technology, engineering and maths skills, and yet a lot of our students aren’t doing those in school,” Professor Miller said.

“But if they can see amazing people doing amazing things with their science then maybe that will inspire our students to keep going with the stem students at school and go into science related careers.”

Looking back at the science festival in New York, Mr Greene said they received lots of positive feedback from people who watched Light Falls and said the show was not only exciting and heart racing, but had ultimately “given science back” to them.

“It’s that kind of experience that we want to happen over and over again and that kind of experience can happen here in the theatres of the World Science Festival in Brisbane,” Mr Greene said.

Light Falls uses state-of-the-art animation and innovative projection techniques to tell the dramatic story of how Einstein singlehandedly took on the universe… and won.

The theatrical performance captivated the audience, opened the mind to new perspectives on the world, and displayed important life lessons of never giving up, overcoming obstacles, and proved that nothing is impossible.

Light Falls is on again tonight, 8pm, at the Playhouse in the Queensland Performing Arts Centre tonight. Book tickets HERE.

The World Science Festival Brisbane is on until Sunday.