Many of Brisbane’s Fitness fanatics are preparing for a big weekend.

They’ll be flexing their muscles at the Fitness and Health Expo, where today one of Brisbane’s strongest men took on a 30 tonne fire truck.

Sam Kolhapuri reports.


Marc Wells, known on stage as ‘The Tank’, faced Australia’s largest fire rescue vehicle named ‘The Panther’.

And although he’s only 183cm tall and weighs 140kg, he successfully pulled the 30 tonne truck for 70 metres.

Marc Wells, Strongman: “To get that going was really, really tough, probably the hardest thing I have done lately. But once I got going it was no problem, I just had to keep the momentum going.”

The stunt wasn’t an attempt at an Australian record but it came close nevertheless.

Marc Wells, Strongman: “Nothing this big, there’s been bigger trucks done before but in Australia it’s probably one of the heaviest ones that’s been done.”

Gyms like this, passion and commitment was what prepared Mark ‘The Tank’ for this incredible stunt.

4.6 million Australians spend $8.5billion dollars a year on fitness.

The Tank will be part of the Fitness Expo at the Convention centre over the weekend.

It aims to attract fitness gurus or those just trying to be healthier.

Rachel Madden, Senior Marketing Manager: “Anyone who is looking to get fit and inspired you know there is so much happening at the show.”

Sam Kolhapuri, QUT News.