Surprising new research data shows a significant drop in the death rate from certain cancers in Queensland women.

It comes as women gear up for the nation’s annual Pink Ribbon Day.

Cassandra Dimitroff reports.


Despite the encouraging statistics, events like this in Brisbane’s CBD highlight the need for women to be vigilant.

Cancer Council Queensland says the odds of survival for Queensland women battling breast and gynecological cancers are better than ever.

Death rates have declined thanks to advances in treatment and screening processes.

Katie Clift, Cancer Council Qld: “Specifically looking at female breast cancer we’ve seen a decline of on average more than 2% per year since about the early nineties.”

But medical experts stress that’s no reason to be complacent.

More than 4,000 Queensland women are diagnosed with breast or gynecological cancers each year.

And while survival rates are improving, experts say the best defence is early detection.

Cancer Council Queensland aims to raise $1.9m through Pink Ribbon fundraising events this month.

Katie Clift, Cancer Council Qld: “We definitely need more funding to invest in more research. Research is one of the greatest ways that we see improvement in clinical trials that lead to better treatments for all types of cancers.”

Pink Ribbon events like this are happening around the state and it’s hoped that increased awareness will encourage further improvements.

Cassandra Dimitroff, QUT News.