The garage sale – it’s now become part of Australian life.

Popular both with people seeking a bargain, or wanting to make a dollar.

And this weekend across the country there’ll be 13,000 garage sales in a huge organised environmental event.

Eden Richards reports.


You name it, chances are someone has it.

What’s called the Garage Sale Trail starts tomorrow with 2,000 homes in Queensland involved.

The Minister for the Environment believes it’s a great way to recycle and wants locals to embrace it.

Dr Steven Miles, Minister for the Environment: “So I’ve set some Queenslanders the challenge. Stop by any one of the 2,100 garage sales happening in Queensland this weekend and find the worst tie you possibly can. You’ll have to beat his, but when you do I’ll wear it in parliament.”

Founders of the event say that across the nation 3.5 million items will be for sale.

Some Garage sales are now catering to niche markets.

Collectors and antique hunters now form a large part of the buying group.

Darryl Nichols, Trail co-founder: “Every sale has a unique name. Some names that spring to mind are the ‘Almost Deceased Estate’, “Its a Divorce’, ‘The Only Lionel Vinyl’ – only selling Lionel Richie records.”

Clothing is expected to be the most popular seller and if you look hard enough you might just find yourself a designer label.

Doctor Miles has lower expectations.

Dr Steven Miles, Minister for the Environment: “I’ll be looking for some new ties, I’m hopeful of finding a tie.”

Previous sales have been so successful the idea has now spread overseas.

Eden Richards, QUT News.