Brisbane’s newest hospital, the Mater Private Hospital in Springfield is gearing up to open next week.

And to make sure everything will operate smoothly, a world first 24-hour medical simulation is currently underway.

Paxton Roth reports.


From this morning and throughout the night the $85 million hospital will go through many different scenarios to prepare staff for the opening.

They’ll be run and repeated with mock patients over four shifts on both a clinical and administrative level.

Fritha Mackay, Director Mater Private Hospital: “We’re also running a number of coders where things go wrong and how we deal with those.”

In this case a patient requires emergency treatment but needs more specialised care so it’s an urgent transfer to another hospital.

Christine Allport, Simulated Patient: “Whatever the clinicians are doing on the day whether it be nurses, doctors, physicians, ambulance people and then I just have to completely go into that persona so that I can be as real as I can.”

And each of these simulations is designed to expose any potentially life threatening issues.

Staff here at the new hospital are practicing everything from transferring patients to and from beds to delicate theatre operations.

Fritha Mackay, Director Mater Private Hospital: “There’s been a real buzz here this morning and people are really feeling that this is happening, we’re really excited the teams are working really well together.”

This whole exercise will be documented in the hope that the 80 bed private hospital can begin admitting patients from next Wednesday.

Paxton Roth, QUT News.