Final preparations are underway for one of the Gold Coast’s biggest parties of the year.

It’s centred around the GC 600 V8 Supercar race and organisers are predicting record crowds both on and off the track.

Lauren Geldard reports.


This is what more than 200,000 people come here for. Three days of high-octane racing and partying.

And even though it’s a big boost to the local economy, it causes grid lock for those who are still hard at work.

Trackside, it was all smiles.

Craig Lowndes, V8 Supercar Driver: “Well I think this one is really exciting for the drivers because it’s a bit more of a party carnival, I think it’s always had that tag.”

But tomorrow for these drivers it’s game on when practice begins.

Mark Winterbottom, V8 Supercar Driver: “You talk about it all week, you know it’s fantastic cause you’re hyped and it’s nice to actually stop talking and get in the car Friday morning for the first time.”

A prediction of rain could make things slippery on the notoriously narrow street track but ultimately there is an air of anticipation.

Craig Lowndes, V8 Supercar Driver: “If you come back with your side mirrors on, you’re not trying hard enough.”

Lowndes says whilst wet weather is not ideal when it comes to the GC 600 track the walls are there to catch you.

The track action isn’t all there is to look forward to this weekend, with Cold Chisel cruising in to support the exciting party atmosphere the Gold Coast 600 is renowned for.

Most trackside accommodation vantage points are booked out, but there are still spectator tickets available.

Lauren Geldard, QUT News.