Australian nominees will be vying for this year’s highly regarded Asia Pacific Screen Awards.

It’s the 9th annual Brisbane based event and is open to not only home grown but international film makers as well.

Mary-Clare Simpson reports.


Last year this Iraqi film won the major United Nations award. It recognises the promotion of cultural diversity through film.

This year all eyes will be on the Australian production ‘Spear’.

Maxine Williamson, APSA Film Director: “This is a testament to the strength of film-making in what has been a bumper year for Australian cinemas.”

The awards are considered to be the Asia Pacific Oscars.

They’ll feature four local entries.

Graham Quirk, Lord Mayor: “As a city, we are very pleased to be able to be the permanent home to acknowledge the important place that film has within our cultures and bringing people together.”

Winners receive hand crafted trophies by glass artist Jo Bone.

Jo uses a roll up technique to create the vessels which is Italian in origin.

Timing, accuracy and hours of work are crucial to the process.

They’re inspired by the colours in different cultures.

Jo Bone, Glass Artist: “I get some fantastic comments from directors and past winners of some of the awards.”

But it’s the films that will take centre stage.

Mary-Clare Simpson, QUT News.