Former treasurer Joe Hockey has quit politics after almost two decades in Federal parliament.

He moved to the backbench in last month’s Liberal shakeup, but is now widely tipped as the next ambassador to the US.

Aaron Cronin reports.


In his farewell speech, Joe Hockey defended his unpopular 2014 budget and urged his colleagues to end leadership changes that have seen four different prime ministers in four years.

He says he always stuck to his core values.

Joe Hockey, Former Treasurer: “I learnt that the reward will come as a result of hard work and innovation. In particular, you should never, never, ever put your honesty or your integrity up for sale.”

The veteran MP says he was honored to serve with Tony Abbott, saying he is a decent man.

Joe Hockey, Former Treasurer, “Tony Abbott who sadly is overseas today is one of the most selfless, hardworking and honorable people I’ve ever met.”

However Hockey hopes the Turnbull Government will grow to become the best the nation has ever seen.

Joe Hockey, Former Treasurer: “I want the Turnbull Government to succeed. I genuinely want you, Malcolm Turnbull, and all of my colleagues to be very successful, to be the best government Australia has ever had.”

Many Political observers believe Hockey will now replace Kim Beazley as Australia’s ambassador to the US.

Aaron Cronin, QUT News.