The future has finally arrived.

Brisbane movie buffs have been celebrating “Back to the Future” day.

On this date, the main character played by Michael J Fox arrived from the past in a De Lorean time machine.

Brent Gray reports.


It’s exactly 30 years since Doc Brown and Marty McFly hopped in a DeLorean and travelled into the future.

According to UQ researchers, filmmakers were both spot on and way off on their predictions of life in 2015.

Despite today’s evidence from Mount Isa police, devices like Marty McFly’s retro ride are still a way off.

Paul Pounds, UQ Professor: “I think like flying cars, hoverboards are one of those things where we can build something similar to what we think they could be, but they’ll never be quite what they should be.”

Some cinemas are getting into the spirit, offering movie goers the option of travelling back to the past.

Katelyn Aspery, Dendy Publicity & Events Manager: “We are taking our Sunday promotion, so Sundays after 4pm, to the next level for Back to The Future we are rewinding our prices to 1989 prices.”

All tickets will be $6.80.

No discounts at this Brisbane burger shop, but costumes and a raffle.

Jonathon Grant, Miss Kay’s Burger Manager: “We figured out last year that today was going to be the day for back to the future day so we decided to do some prizes so basically when you buy any burger you just fill out your details and then you go in the draw to win some prizes.”

Thirty years on the filmmakers could never have imagined the lasting impact the franchise would have on today’s society.

Jonathon Grant, Miss Kay’s Burger Manager: “I guess it’s just a fun thing to celebrate today the fact that it was 30 years ago and we have had a lot of developments with technology but it’s just a fun thing we just love it.”

Brent Gray, QUT News.