Queensland’s women’s refuges say they’re facing a crisis.

They’re seeking more funding to provide emergency accommodation for the victims of domestic violence.

Mary-Clare Simpson reports.


The Combined Women’s Refuge group says the situation is desperate.

And that the lack of refuge is costing women and children their lives.

Hannah, Women’s House: “We’re seeing extreme domestic violence in homes, in public and on top of that we’re facing extreme refuge shortage.”

The group believes victims need access to immediate counselling.

Chantelle, Women’s Group: “There needs to be more refuges to begin with, there’s a whole lot of systems that put up barriers to leaving domestic violence situations.”

In Queensland, 23 women are killed from domestic violence every year.

Minister for women, Shannon Fentiman, says there will be government funded shelters established in Brisbane and Townsville by the end of the year.

But these are only crisis shelters and after 72 hours, victims must find other accommodation.

Anne is a victim of domestic violence whose life has improved after finding help.

‘Anne’, DV Survivor: “With the support of the ladies and refuge, like, I feel a lot stronger than what I did and I feel like I can pretty much do anything.”

If you are experiencing domestic violence, please call the Hotline on 1800 811 811.

Mary-Clare Simpson, QUT News.