A man has been charged and a boy cautioned after a violent school brawl that has Gold Coast parents worried.

Teachers tried to intervene as the fight spilled out of the school and onto the street.

Paxton Roth reports.


A 16 year old boy has been let off with a warning after a violent brawl outside Pacific Pines High School late yesterday.

His older brother has been charged with going armed so as to cause fear, and possessing a knife in public.

He’ll appear in court in November.

Witnesses say up to 20 teenagers were involved in the fighting.

VOX 1: “Minor injuries online, there was talk of weapons and there was a weapon involved.”

Police believe the conflict may be racially motivated with a large group of Pacific Islander students and claims of growing tensions.

Many of the younger children were too afraid to walk to school alone today.

VOX 2: “It was scary. My little brother was pretty scared and we walked past them. They no longer want to walk to school now so I gotta walk them back and forth.”

And some Parents want the school to exert more control.

VOX 3: “There’s a lot of brawling after school but I don’t know how they police that.”

The school said it has zero tolerance for violence and is promoting a safer environment.

Paxton Roth, QUT News.