Accommodation for overseas students in Brisbane is about to be boosted.

The City Council has approved a major new development providing 1600 beds for international students.

Sam Kolhapuri reports.


Tertiary students from overseas often struggle finding suitable accommodation when they arrive in Brisbane.

But it’s about to get a whole lot easier, with the Lord Mayor announcing a big new project at Woolloongabba.

Graham Quirk, Lord Mayor: “This will provide a terrific opportunity for students in our city around 1600 beds, it will provide also great transportation opportunities and purpose built accommodation for our students.”

The new centre is one of six student accommodation developments approved this year.

The new facility is just a short walk from Stone’s Corner. By 2018 these local shops will see an injection of students to boost the local economy and its cultural diversity.

Mark Damant, Wood Bagot Brisbane Principal: “So there’s a plaza that sits next to the bus station. Above that we have a very activated podium room deck for student community and on every third floor we have some large open balconies with a lot of green planting.”

Peter Bates, Uni lodge Australia: “They’ve got internet as soon as they arrive and they know they get a a good nights sleep that very first night they arrive in Brisbane.”

The Lord Mayor says foreign students add a sense of vibrancy to the city.

Graham Quirk says he’s happy to continue offering developers reduced council infrastructure charges so more new projects can be built.

Sam Kolhapuri QUT News.