There have been more off season changes in the National Rugby League.

At least one club has replaced its coach as the NRL boss stands down.

Lauren Geldard reports.


Smith says it’s time for a renewal of the leadership.

He says he’s laid the foundation for change and the NRL’s continued success.

Dave Smith, NRL CEO: “Having accessed where we are at the end of our season and our financial year and how we are tracking against the strategic priorities that the commission set for us. I’m comfortable that the game is in very, very good shape.”

In other NRL news, former Broncos coach Anthony Griffin has been named the new coach of the Penrith Panthers.

He replaces Ivan Clearys who coached them for four season but was dismissed yesterday after the team’s poor results.

It finished 11th in the competition this season.

Anthony Griffin has a history of identifying and nurturing young talent.

Lauren Geldard QUT News.