Half a century after the “Odd Couple” made its Broadway debut, they’ve made it to Brisbane’s stage.

It’ll be director Wesley Enoch’s last play here, before he moves south.

Cassandra Dimitroff reports.


It’s a comedy for the ages.

This week the curtain’s going up on the Queensland Theatre Company’s production of “The Odd Couple’.

The Tony Award winning play is about two friends forced into becoming the unlikeliest of roommates.

Outgoing QTC artistic director Wesley Enoch says the play wasn’t intended to be his final hurrah.

Wesley Enoch, Artistic Director: “It’s kind of weird ’cause I’ve been known for doing Black Diggers large scale indigenous works or Mother Courage or Country Song and touring these indigenous shows. To come back and do this particular show is interesting.”

But he’s confident it’ll be a hit with Brisbane theatre-goers.

Wesley Enoch, Artistic Director: “So for me it’s a little love letter. A little lover letter back to Brisbane saying thank you so much for all your great support.”

QTC’s production reunites its very own ‘odd couple’.

The two male leads say the reason behind their on-stage chemistry is hard to define.

Jason Klarwein, Actor: “But it’s sort of intangible, that’s what’s nice about it, I find, is we don’t know why there’s a certain chemistry on stage with some people, it just seems to work.”

The Odd Couple’s three week stint at QPAC started last weekend and will run till the 8th of November.

Tickets for the show are now available via the QPAC website.

Cassandra Dimitroff, QUT News.