An expert stunt team showed Brisbane students why it’s important to take care at work.

It’s part of National Work Safe Month.

And a reminder, the people doing these demonstrations, are professionals.

Jacob Shaw reports.


Film and TV students from QUT were shown how to avoid potential dangers in the workplace.

Last year, almost a 190 Australians died at work.

So health and safety is a worry for all organisations.

Professor Paul Makeham, QUT: “It’s something that we’ve noticed in the tertiary education sector has become an area of increasing importance, I’d say over the last five or six years.”

Stunt team members have worked on big budget films like Casino Royale and Mad Max: Fury Road.

They know there’s little room for error.

Keir Beck, Stunt Coordinator: “The more you can get a handle on the safety side of the production, and especially for us with stunts, the more creative you can be.”

But they can’t push those boundaries of creativity without a lot of homework and trial.

Stunts like this show just how important it is to prepare, and make workplaces as safe as they possibly can be.

Today’s display impressed the students.

Vox 1: “I thought it was so awesome, and I was amazed at how calm he was, he was kind of just strolling around casually.”

Vox 2: “I couldn’t believe how hot it was. You could actually feel the flames, I was shocked.”

There’ll be more demonstration in the work safety initiative until the end of the month.

Jacob Shaw, QUT News.