A piece of Queensland’s military history has been given a new leash of life thanks partly to actor Angelina Jolie.

The American star donated $25,000 of her own money to help renovate an old ammunition storage building at Fort Lytton at the mouth of the Brisbane River.

Chloe Ranford reports.


This is where scenes from the movie Unbroken were shot two years ago.

Angelina Jolie directed the movie and wanted to give something back to Queensland.

Today the state’s Heritage Minister Steven Miles opened the refurbished Magazine No. 10 and Black Powder Rooms.

Steven Miles, Qld Heritage Minister: “This is one of the last remaining pieces of military history, pieces of our coastal defence systems.”

The government also provided additional funds to repair floor-to-ceiling cracks, dry rot and corrosion.

The stabilization of both structures is a major step forward in the long term preservation and management of the fort, which could see many more movies in the future.

Peter Gore, Fort Lytton Historical Assoc: “Railway Man was filmed here. The Fall of Singapore was filmed here as well. Unbroken was the biggest thing. They closed it down for three months.”

These repairs earned the Fort Lytton’s Historical Association a Gold conservation award.

It’s now open to the public but volunteers have plenty more restoration work ahead of them.

Chloe Ranford, QUT News.