Gable Tostee will stand trial over the death of a New Zealand tourist.

Tostee is charged with the murder of the young woman, who fell from the balcony of his 14th floor Gold Coast apartment.

Chloe Ranford reports.


Tostee, 29, was due to face a committal hearing at Southport today.

But his lawyers, and prosecutors, agreed to a registry committal.

This means evidence about the death of Warriena Wright won’t be made public until the trial, which could be more than a year away.

In Melbourne, a man is in critical condition after he tried to stop a thief stealing his car.

The man forced his way into the back door of the car, but became wedged between the vehicle and a roadside pole.

As the thief drove off, the man was dislodged and struck his head, receiving critical injuries.

Evan Whyatt, Witness: “Fortunately, as I said, that nurse was there and I think he, if he’s lucky enough to survive, it’ll be mainly because of her.”

The car was dumped a few blocks from the scene.

CCTV vision shows how it took four police to arrest a man who’d allegedly threatened to blow up a service station in Melbourne.

The man was confronted at a laundromat, when he lunged for a knife.

Police used capsicum spray and a baton to detain him.

And in Adelaide, a man is in hospital after trying to put out a fire which caused $100,000 worth of property damage.

Fire crews were called to the scene around 3am after a brush fence was set alight.

Police are treating the fire as suspicious.

Chloe Ranford, QUT News.