Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says we have to try new approaches to fight growing extremism.

He told a national summit in Canberra those who seek to turn children into terrorists must be stopped.

Adriana Mageros reports.


Mr Turnbull implored all security agencies and counter terrorism experts, to work together, to combat the problem.

Malcolm Turnbull, Prime Minister: “This is a real home-grown threat.”

He applauded their efforts so far.

Malcolm Turnbull, Prime Minister: “I know that Australia is kept safe by your efforts.”

But warns the situation is escalating, with the recent shooting of police accountant Curtis Cheng by a 15 year old, and a number of other security threats.

Mr Turnbull wants new approaches, and information sharing, to counter the radicalisation of the very young.

At the same time, we should promote mutual respect between different cultures and religions.

Last night, a minute’s silence was held outside Parramatta police station in honour of Mr Cheng.

Paul Garrard, Parramatta Mayor: “Curtis’s life will be remembered, his photograph is here on this wall, forever he will be in this building.”

The Australian Federal Police have now linked a 12-year-old boy to the Parramatta shooting, who they believe was part of the same extremist group. There are fears how these terrorist groups are reaching out to younger Australians.

Andrew Colvin, Australian Federal Police Commissioner: “The age of the people that we’re concerned about is very concerning.”

Canberra has now tripled funding for programs to counter violent extremism.

Adriana Mageros, QUT News.