Experts say Brisbane has a long way to go before it can be truly regarded as a sustainable city.

We need to change our attitude to the use of water and energy, and, ‘think’ green.

Vincent Roche reports.


Brisbane may be ranked the best in Queensland, but experts say the greatest challenge the city faces is translating green energy and liveability, to sustainability.

Dr Desha also says Brisbane’s low ranking on the world scale means there’s a lot of room for improvement.

She says the Gardens Point campus of QUT is an example of how we can better use of our green resources.

The green wall behind me is just one of the many ways of improving the sustainability of our cities, and residents can play their part too, provided they’re allowed.

Three years ago, John Wilkinson started a vegetable patch on the nature strip outside his house, but that recently landed him in trouble with the local council.

After a public outcry, legislation will be altered so he can keep his garden.

John Wilkinson: “Community response has been huge, it can’t be bad thing. Why would you discourage it? From a sustainable point of view, it’s got to be better than grass.”

It’s a small step, planting the seeds for a greener future.

Vincent Roche, QUT News.