An Aboriginal elder has been praised a hero, after finding a man missing in remote Western Australia.

He tracked him down, based on just one footprint.

Annaliese Laracy reports.


62-year-old Reg Foggerdy, went missing last Wednesday.

He was on a hunting trip but became lost in the middle of the bush 200 kilometres (KILL-oh-metres) from the nearest town.

Luckily for Reg, Aboriginal elder Robin Smythe was passing by as part of a survey group.

He spotted a single, thong footprint.

Robin Smythe, Aboriginal Elder: “I saw the footprints and my niece said oh there is something here. So I got out of the car and said yeah that’s footprints there.”

The elder led rescuers to Reg just hours away from death, having had no food or water in almost a week.

Shaun Richardson, Gold Coast Resources: “The guys could see this fellow was in distress. He was dragging his feet, he was dragging his rifle by the barrel and using it like a walking stick so he was in a bad way, I don’t think he would have lasted too much longer.”

He had been eating ants to survive when rescue arrived, he couldn’t move or talk.

Mr Foggerdy’s family say he is still fragile but in good spirits.

Annaliese Laracy, QUT News.