In a bid to get more drivers off the roads, the State Government and City Council have committed to increased spending on bicycle infrastructure.

They were supported by thousands of Queensland commuters this morning, who left their cars at home for Ride to Work day.

Fern Doyle reports.


The twice yearly event encourages commuters to get on their bikes.

This morning in Brisbane, the regulars were joined by some first-timers.

Vox 1: “We drove part of the way and rode the rest.”

The gloomy weather didn’t deter riders, including the Minister for Transport.

Mark Bailey committing to doing more for cyclists.

Mark Bailey, Minister for Main Roads & Road Safety: “Whenever we do major projects, we’re going to make sure we do our cycling infrastructure with it.”

Peter Law, Rider: “The more you take cars, bikes off the roads, the less car drivers are frustrated and the more people are happy, and less accidents too which is always good.”

Bicycle Queensland is working with local councillors and government to continue to improve cycleways across the State, in a bid to get more commuters out from behind the wheel and onto the bike.

The Moggill Road cycle bridge at Indooroopilly is one of the latest projects aimed at making it safer for cyclists.

It’s expected to be ready for Brisbane commuters early next year.

Bicycle Queensland is also encouraging riders in the regions.

Ben Wilson, CEO Bicycle Queensland: “We’d love it to be a movement that gets everywhere from Cunnamulla to Charters Towers to Coolangatta.”

The organisation would also like to make every day a ride to work day.

Fern Doyle, QUT News.