The report into the shooting down of Malaysian Airliner MH17 has found a Russian missile was involved.

But it has not blamed anyone for firing the weapon saying that investigation continues.

And Foreign Minister Julie Bishop says she’s satisfied with the investigation into the deaths of 298 people including 38 Australians.

Jack Gramenz reports.


The 38 Australians on board were almost certainly knocked unconscious when the Russian made missile detonated next to the cockpit of the Boeing Triple-7 and the plane lost pressure.

The report by the Dutch Safety Board does not blame anyone.

But the Foreign Minister is determined to find the truth.

Julie Bishop, Foreign Minister: “We certainly won’t be bullied by anyone in our pursuit of the justice for the families of those aboard.”

Julie Bishop suggested there was enough evidence to implicate the Russians in backing rebels.

Julie Bishop, Foreign Minister: “We now know it was brought down by a surface-to air Buk missile, as the Australian government and indeed the United States knew back in July of 2014.”

And the Prime Minister has hit out at Russia for blocking further investigation.

Malcolm Turnbull, Prime Minister: “We deplore the conduct of Russia using its security council veto in July to block the establishment of a special international criminal tribunal.”

Getting further answer won’t be easy.

Jack Gramenz, QUT News.