A perth grandfather has a remarkable story of survival after six days in the West Australian outback without food and water.

The man was found alive after eating nothing but black ants.

Elizabeth Cramsie reports.


These photos capture the moment Reginald Foggerdy was saved.

The sixty-two-year-old was severely dehydrated, exhausted and delirious after his traumatic fight for survival in the bush.

His wife is overjoyed, after being told to expect the worst.

Arlyn Foggerdy, Wife: “How you can survive for six days without water and food, but it’s a miracle.”

His eleven-year-old son, was thrilled and a little surprised his Dad came through.

Phil Foggerdy, Son: “When I first heard it I was shocked, because he didn’t have any water and I didn’t know how he would survive.”

Mr Foggerdy became separated from his brother during a hunting trip in the Western Australian Goldfields.

As scorching temperatures soared, the chances of finding him alive diminished.

Supt Andy Greatwood, WA Police: “Extremely hot, extremely remote and most people probably wouldn’t have survived, so he’s done a fantastic job.”

He was found 15 kilometres from where he was last seen.

It took him 20 minutes to speak, but when he did, Mr Foggerdy told rescuers he survived by eating black ants and only walking in the evenings.

His sister has praised the efforts of Western Australian Police and the SES.

Christine Ogden, Sister: “Thank you, very, very much. You are amazing people, you never gave up, thank you.”

He’s expected to make a full recovery.

Elizabeth Cramsie, QUT News.