Children as young as 14 may soon be closely monitored under proposed new terrorism laws.

The New South Wales government has asked the Commonwealth to change legislation in the wake of the Sydney shooting.

Vincent Roche reports.


At the moment authorities can put what is called a ‘control order’ on someone 16 or over.

The Commonwealth is expected to lower that to 14.

And New South Wales authorities wants detainees to be held for up to four days before police have to seek a court extension.

George Brandis, Attorney General: “I think the age of the person concerned last Friday week demonstrates that 14 is not too young an age for an order of this kind to be made.”

The changes are in response to continuing attempts by Islamic State and its supporters to indoctrinate and recruit younger muslims.

Dane Tehan, Liberal MP: “There are people who are seeking to influence, to groom, young Australians.”

However, not everyone is in support of the proposed law changes.

They argue that it won’t stop terrorist activity but will remove a teenager’s rights and access to the law.

Nick McKim, Greens Senator: “There is no evidence available publicly that the kind of Draconian reforms that are being proposed would have made the slightest bit of difference in that case.”

Despite the recent events in Parramatta, it is reported that the law changes have been in progress for some time.

Vincent Roche, QUT News.