Queensland’s Deputy Premier says she’s disgusted by fresh allegations against controversial MP, Billy Gordon.

Two more women have accused the Member for Cook of sending them explicit photos.

It’s put more pressure on the Palaszczuk government, with Mr Gordon’s vote crucial in the hung parliament.

Vanessa Wolfe reports.


It’s been a rocky year for Billy Gordon and that doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon.

Queensland Police are investigating the Member for Cook as two more women came forward saying he sent them explicit images.

Now, police are urging anyone with similar claims to contact them.

Since his election, Mr Gordon has also been outed for not paying child support. He quit the Labor Party before being expelled for not disclosing his criminal history.

The State Opposition wants the Premier to act.

Lawrence Springborg, Opposition Leader: “This is about one side of politics being propped up by what is clearly a contaminated, what is clearly a questionable vote of one member of Parliament.”

The Deputy Premier says she’s disgusted, but Mr Gordon isn’t the Government’s responsibility as an Independent MP.

Jackie Trad, Deputy Premier: “He’s got a place in the Queensland Parliament, he was elected by the people of Cook, and it’s the people of Cook who should determine whether or not he’s removed.”

But they’re not happy either, the Cook community saying he’s not welcome anymore.

Harold Bowen, Clan spokesperson: “This guy is not working for us, you know, he’s not there for, for, for us, he’s there for himself and if he does set foot on here, there, there’s gonna be, well, bloodshed you know, he’d walk in, I think they’d be dragging him out.”

The Opposition Leader has called on the State Government to change parliamentary rules so the member for Cook’s vote does not carry so much weight in State politics, but Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk, says those rules which were passed by the former Government are not up for negotiation.

Annastacia Palaszczuk, Premier: “There is no plan to change those voting rules.”

Mr Gordon’s offices were unavailable for comment today.

The MP deleted his social media accounts at the weekend.

Vanessa Wolfe, QUT News.