Brisbane commuters are seeing reductions in travel time up to 70%, thanks to the new Legacy Way tunnel.

But the city’s traffic woes aren’t over yet.

Jack Gramenz reports.


Since Legacy Way opened three months ago, 6,700 fewer cars are using Milton Road daily, cutting travel time by nearly a third.

The tunnel from Toowong to Kelvin Grove bypasses seven sets of traffic lights.

But it comes at a cost, and the price of the tollway increases next month.

Paul Turner, RACQ: “Tolls are no different from anything else, value for money is what motorists are looking for. Are they getting the time-saving and the hassle-saving and the congestion-saving from that toll road? If they are then they’ll pay the toll, if they’re not, they won’t.”

19,000 commuters using the tunnel daily have helped ease congestion on Milton Road, but other major traffic corridors are still choking.

Paul Turner, RACQ: “We are seeing some reduction on Milton Road, the real test though: are we seeing reductions on Coronation Drive? We haven’t seen those numbers yet.”

75,000 cars currently use Coronation Drive daily, making it one of the five slowest traffic corridors in Brisbane. But it’s not yet clear what effect Legacy Way has had to ease congestion.

Graham Quirk, Lord Mayor: “You might see some variation with Coronation Drive as more people hear of the reduction in travel time on Milton Road, some of those using Coronation Drive currently might shift across but we’ll wait and see.”

Jack Gramenz, QUT News.