It’s been revealed Australians spend $100 billion dollars a year on their looks.

But the survey, by insurer Suncorp, found Queenslanders lag way behind the national average.

While men spend more than women on cosmetics and fashion.

Kurravi Piggott reports.


‘The Cost of Looking Good’ report found Australians put a high value on their appearance, spending $8-billion a month on clothes, cosmetics and plastic surgery.

That’s almost five times the amount spent on digital technologies and nearly 10 times what we fork out on keeping fit.

Lynnee Sutherland, Suncorp Bank Head of Personal Customers: “We interviewed Aussies right across the nation and what we found was Australians on average are spending $600 a month.”

However, Queenslanders are the nation’s most thrifty when it comes to appearance, spending 40% less than the national average, or $350 a month.

VOX POP 1: “Ohh geez we’re bogan city.”

VOX POP 2: “I would have thought Queenslanders would have spent more seeing as though we have such an outdoorsy lifestyle.”

VOX POP 3: “Brisbane is one of the most under-dressed cities in Australia.”

The survey also debunked the myth that women are the more vain gender with the report finding men are outspending women on products such as skin care.

Over the past four weeks, men spent 37% more on shoes, 56% more on hair products and 78% more on fashion accessories.

Lynne Sutherland, Suncorp Bank Head of Personal Customers: “The men that did buy products spent more than women did so that was quite a surprise. Some men were even buying make-up.”

Men though don’t take nearly as long to apply it.

Kurravi Piggott, QUT News.