Another V8 driver’s in hot water over sexist comments.

David Reynolds copped a huge fine and had to apologise.

Alexandra Keep reports.


Ford’s driver David Reynolds has come under fire by V8 Super car bosses for his remarks when asked a question at press conference after Thursday practice.

Vox 1: “David were you wary of the all-female team? Enuring you’ll go faster?”

David Reynolds, V8 Driver: “Sorry, was I aware of the p**** wagon?”

V8 CEO, James Warburton, says the comment directed at Simona De Silvestro and Renee Gracie was disgraceful and unacceptable.

As a consequence he was fined $25,000.

James Warburton says women are an integral part of the V8 sport, whether they are fans, drivers or team members.

The female duo where already fired up after great V8 champion Dick Johnson said they had only a million do one chance of finishing the race.

But the women say they have put it behind them and are focused on competition.

Renee Gracie, V8 Driver: “He’s apologised and we’ve accepted his apology, slightly inappropriate and yeah, it’s one of those things. V8 super cars have handled it and Simona and I will get on with our job today and that is driving a race car.”

In all, 31 women have competed in the Bathurst 1000. But there hasn’t been an all female team for 17 years.

Amanda Harper, QUT News.