Queensland’s power companies, are lending their support to the volunteers who clean up after storms.

They’ve announced a $200,000 sponsorship for the State Emergency Services.

Carissa Kemp reports.


When storms hit, these men and women and thousands like them are on the front line helping Queensland recover.

And now, three energy companies are helping them.

Peter Jeffrey, Acting Assistant Commissioner SES Qld: “Energex, Ergon and Powerlink and now supporting us to support those communities so we’ll be able to purchase new and better equipment and so this is great news for us.”

They hope that will help speed up recovery and minimise the impact of disasters on the community.

Last year 6,000 SES volunteers completed over 120,000 hours of operational work. This new sponsorship means they’ll have the best equipment to do their job.

Vox 1: “It just makes my life a little bit easier.”

Vox 2: “It’s fantastic to know that the community and that some quite significant companies in Queensland are behind the SES.”

And as the storm season gets closer, Energex say it’s ready for whatever comes.

Terry Effeney, Energex CEO: “We’re particularly worrying this year about storms, fires and other matters which we are obviously well prepared for.”

Nevertheless, they are asking people to notify them of any trees growing into power lines and to keep their gutters and yards clear of rubbish.

Carissa Kemp, QUT News.