Australia’s top Islamic leader today condemned those who use terror to achieve their aims and denounced the killing of police accountant Curtis Cheng.

Prime Minister Turnbull also delivered a blunt message to the community – accept Australian values, or re-think living here.

Claire Overell reports.


Islamic community leaders today hit out at misguided extremist religious teachings following the fatal shooting in Parramatta last week.

Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohamed, Grand Mufti of Australia: “We say to those who supported that, stop messing with Australia and its society.”

The Grand Mufti, the top Islamic Cleric in Australia, was however careful not to call the incident a terror attack even though police have.

He said he didn’t have the investigators information.

But the Grand Mufti did condemn terrorism.

Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohamed, Grand Mufti of Australia: “We refuse and reject any form of terrorist activities, whether this, if it’s proven to be a terrorist activity, or any other one.”

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says he will do what ever is necessary to protect our national security and those who enforce the law.

Malcolm Turnbull, Prime Minister: “I am committed to make the work of those who keep us safe easier.”

And Opposition Leader, Bill Shorten says those of any religious persuasion should not use that faith as an excuse to commit violent acts.

Bill Shorten, Opposition Leader: “Your faith is something you should be proud of, but it should never be a cave into which you retreat.”

He added everyone should work to make Australia a better place.

Claire Overell, QUT News.