Thousands of people are expected to take a peek at some of Brisbane’s most loved buildings this weekend.

More than 90 sites will be open to the public for free guided tours.

Bianca Banchetti reports.


The Brisbane Open House showcases our architectural wonders.

And it was launched at one of those places,The UQ Oral Health Clinic.

Darren Lockyer, Brisbane Open House Ambassador: “I believe in good design and I believe in our city”.

The Open House concept started in London.

It attracts residents curious to see something they otherwise can’t.

Tzachi Katz, Open House Jerusalem:”In this special weekend the building is welcoming you inside, this make it very, very interesting.”

While many identify a grand building with City Hall and the windmill. Brisbane is home to buildings from across eras.

Many like Torbeck are considered icons of their age.

Torbeck, was Queensland’s first multi-storeyed home unit development.

Michael Rayner, Leading Queensland Architect: “The more you can engage the public through genuine interfacing forums like open house, we really do have to take people and show them.”

Bianca Banchetti, QUT News.

For more information see Brisbane Open House.