Nothing screams summer like fresh, golden, juicy mangoes.

Early this morning a huge crowd turned out at the annual charity auction of the season’s first mango tray.

Claire Overell reports.


It has to be Australia’s sweetest auction. It pits bidders against each other to vie for the title of Mango King or Queen.

The bidding kicked off at $5,000 and from there it was mango money madness.

But hopes of beating last year’s $30,000 winning bid looked shaky.

Auctioneer: “Take your time, have your conversations.”

But eventually someone came up with the cash.

Auctioneer: “Going, going, done and sold at $30,000”

The new Mango Queen came from Smart Berries farm near Gayndah.

Brooke Hodgkins, Mango Queen: “I had no idea this was going to happen.”

The proceeds will go to Queensland Diabetes and Life Education.

Michael Fawsitt, CEO of Life Education Qld: “This has been a wonderful partnership for Life Education. The mango auction is important because the health of our kids is important.”

Organisers are confident of cracking the one million dollar mark at next years auction.

The Australian Mango Association has predicted a bumper crop this season. The Mango Queen says she will dontate her golden tray to the children’s hospital.

Claire Overell, QUT News.