Brisbane City Council is launching a major crack down on illegal parking in school zones.

Special patrols will target 23 surburban schools as students return from holidays to begin term four.

Cloey Tenorio reports.


Congestion around schools is an everyday and sometimes frustrating occurrence in Brisbane, and the City Council has had enough.

Adrian Schrinner, Deputy Mayor: “We’re here today to give the heads up to motorists that council will be proactively enforcing parking restrictions around schools during the coming term.”

The council is armed with a fleet of eight high-visibility enforcement vehicles and offenders won’t know they’ve been caught until they receive a letter in the mail.

Krista Adams, Brisbane City Council: “We’re making it very clear that we’re out and about, the vehicles do have dash cameras.”

Council has received over 500 complaints about illegal parking this year, and more than 2,000 drivers have been caught parking illegally in school zones since January.

And authorities say that parents who can, should avoid using the car to decrease congestion in school zones.

Kevan Goodworth, Parents and Citizens Association: “Where it’s at all possible I would’ve thought it was quite useful for children to walk with their parents to school.”

Another frustration for motorists is the cost of inner city off street parking.

According to the RACQ Brisbane now holds the title of being the nation’s most expensive city.

Cloey Tenorio, QUT News.