The Queensland government has launched a wide-ranging independent review into the taxi industry.

The Deputy Premier and Transport Minister says the impact of popular ride-sharing app Uber is a complex issue which needs time to resolve.

Alexandra Keep reports.


Uber’s challenge to the taxi industry has forced the government’s hand.

It’s now instigated a ten month investigation into taxi schemes.

Jackie Trad, Deputy Premier: “There is very strong sentiment out there for the Queensland regulatory environment to include new technologies to include new services that people are using by the thousands here in Queensland.”

The feud between taxi drivers and Uber has taken a violent turn and the review will also look at that.

Jackie Trad, Deputy Premier: “There’s no excuse for violence, there’s no excuse for bullying and intimidation.”

The government says Uber is currently illegal although the company rejects that and says it’s disappointed with the review.

The Queensland government has issued more than $1.7 million worth of fines to Uber drivers but it hasn’t been enough to stop the service from operating.

The Taxi council says Uber should not be allowed to put their case to the taskforce.

Benjamin Wash, Taxi Council Queensland CEO: “I don’t think it’s appropriate for anyone who is operating in an illegal manner to have a say. If they want to have a say then negotiate in good faith and cease operating.”

The taskforce findings will be submitted to the government in ten months.

Alexandra Keep QUT News.