Former Premier Campbell Newman has launched a controversial tell-all memoir.

But already he’s been accused of being a hypocrite for publishing after making massive cuts to literary funding while Premier.

And not all book stores want it.

Claire Overell reports.


Campbell Newman began writing just one week after losing the Premiership and believes the media scuttled him.

Campbell Newman, Former Queensland Premier: “I don’t recognise the Campbell Newman that was covered in the last three or four years. I really don’t and I wanted to tell my story.”

Nevertheless both current and former ministers were there today to support his achievements.

The former Premier’s tell-all book may have aroused interest but some retailers are refusing to stock it. For them, it’s a reaction to Campbell Newman’s cuts to literary funding early in his term.”

Fiona Stager, Owner of Avid Reader Book Shop: “He axed the Queensland Literary Awards and we saw that as a real attack on the writing, publishing and book selling industry here in Queensland.”

These stores will order the book for customers, but won’t have it on shelves.

However, the book headed, Can Do, will be available at most major bookstores from today.

Jon Welch, Franchise Owner of Dymocks Brisbane:”We’re pretty apolitical, so we sell all types of books.”

Claire Overell, QUT News.