More than 200 police raided homes across Sydney this morning, arresting four men over the fatal shooting of a police accountant.

Riot and anti terrorist squads swooped on homes in the western suburbs in a highly co-ordinated counter-terrorism operation.

Simona Varga reports.


Not long after dawn teams of police in full assault gear swept into four suburbs.

Two teenagers and two men in their twenties were taken away for questioning about the death of Curtis Cheng.

He was shot by a 15 year old on Friday as he left work in what’s now known to be a terrorist act.

Catherine Burn, Deputy Commissioner NSW Police: “Today’s operation is a clear indication or our determination to actually find out who murdered Curtis Cheng and to take all necessary action.”

This mornings raids were designed to collect information about possible Islamic state links with parts of the Muslim community.

And tensions flared when reporters approached some locals.

Resident: “Get the **** out of here. This is my house.”

A seventeen year old boy was arrested yesterday for allegedly posting threats to police on his Facebook.

And authorities have warned the fight against terror, even in Australia, will be a long one.

Neil Gaughan, Acting Deputy Commissioner Australian Federal Police: “We’ll continue to operate, I think in this heightened threat environment, heightened law enforcement vigilance around terrorism matters for a considerable period to come.”

Nevertheless they urge the public to understand that investigations will be complex.

Catherine Burn, Deputy Commissioner NSW Police: “I think it’s very, very important for us all to be patient. This is an extremely serious investigation. These are extremely serious times.”

The four arrested have not yet been charged with specific offences.

Simona Varga, QUT News.