A medical ship bigger than most Queensland hospitals has docked in Brisbane.

The Chinese navy ship is armed with 500 beds and is here on a goodwill visit and is already creating great interest.

Amanda Harper reports.


A big floating hospital, the “Peace Ark” was designed and built in China as an emergency medical support platform at sea.

And it was welcomed to Brisbane in spectacular fashion.

Nearly two football fields long, it boasts some remarkable statistics – 500 hospital beds, 35 intensive care units, 12 operating theatres and the capacity to accommodate 60 major surgeries a day.

Since it was launched eight years ago, the Peace Ark has been involved in supplying aid to some of the world’s needy.

At last count it’d treated 90-thousand people.

Guan Bailin, Captain of the Peace Ark: “For some developing countries they have a high amount of medical attention, therefore we will provide for them free medical service and humanitarian assistance.”

Two years ago, the ship was deployed to the Philippines to assist in the Typhoon Haiyan disaster relief.

The Australian Navy is impressed.

Peter Tedman, Senior Naval Officer: “I think it has amazing capabilities, the ability to be able to take such medical capabilities like this to area where its most needed is phenomenal.”

The Royal Australian Navy doesn’t have anything like the Peace Ark. To put it in to perspective this hospital ship has a similar operating capacity to the Princess Alexandra Hospital.

The Peace Ark will be in port for five days before setting sail for operations in the Pacific.

Amanda Harper QUT News.