A fashion festival will be one of the key events held to celebrate World Mental Health Day in Brisbane.

Saturday’s show hopes to cast a spotlight on the mental health issues and diversity in the fashion industry.

Cloey Tenorio reports.


A fashion show unlike any other, Futures Unthreaded weaves together some cutting edge designs with mental health awareness.

The industry’s often considered shallow and lacking in diversity and acceptance, something event organisers want to change.

Nikita Bedwell, Event Producer: “I think there’s a really unhealthy culture in the fashion industry and a really exploitative culture as well.”

The festival features 16 models some of whom have mental health issues.

And all participating local designers are keen to promote diversity in all its shapes and sizes.

Elissa Valenzuela, Elira Designer: “We’re not really specifically aiming to have all our models a size 6, we’re adapting our designs to fit everyone.”

Boggo Road Gaol, where the event is held this Saturday, symbolises the fashion industries need to break through the chains of neglect towards mental health.

One in four teenage girls in Australia resorts to self harm an alarming statistic that event organisers say needs to be talked about.

Kingsley Bedwell, Chief Executive RFQ: “It’s important to ensure that people don’t feel alone and that people are available to them to support them.”

Combining fashion with social responsibility.

Cloey Tenorio QUT News.