Police were called to a noisy protest by truckies outside a Brisbane Coles today.

It’s part of an ongoing campaign over pay and conditions.

Some drivers even took their industrial action inside the store.

Ellie Campbell reports.


The truck drivers targeted Coles at New Farm, in a small but passionate protest.

Vox 1: “Coles, Coles you can’t lie, every year 300 die.”

They’re accusing the supermarket giant of compromising their safety.

Vox 2: “What do we want? Safe rates. When do we want it? Now!”

Peter Biagini, TWU Qld Branch: “Coles are putting more and more pressure on the transport industry, pushing rates down to such a limit where it’s forcing drivers to do unsafe practices.”

Not satisfied with merely making a noise, the truckies went inside the supermarket and filled up two trolleys with groceries.

They then demanded a 30-day account, which they claim is only fair.

Craig Williams, Coordinator Transport Workers Union: “They’re under pressure now getting underpaid, so they have to wait 30 days for their money so all their petrol bills are paid on a weekly basis.”

Store security called police but there were no arrests.

Coles declined an on camera interview, but a spokesperson said the company is a signatory to the industry code of conduct.

Coles also said it doesn’t directly employ drivers, but goes through suppliers.

Craig Williams, Coordinator Transport Workers Union: “Toll and Linfox can’t do much except if they want their contracts they just have to say yes no, no sir, three bags full sir.”

As for Coles’ major competitor the TWU says it has no such complaints with Woolworths.

Ellie Campbell, QUT News.