The war between Queensland taxis and ride-share app Uber is heating up.

Allegations have emerged of fights between drivers and both sides are less than apologetic.

Nick Kelly reports.


An expletive ridden rant from a northside Brisbane taxi boss encouraging militant action against Uber drivers.

The message posted to a public social media page comes after alleged attacks against Uber drivers over the long weekend.

The Taxi Council responded by calling for state government intervention.

Benjamin Wash, CEO Taxi Council Qld: “My fear is if the government doesn’t act quickly then rogue individuals might take the law into their own hands and this won’t result in a good outcome for anyone.”

The Taxi Council denied any link to cabbies, shifting the blame back to Uber.

Benjamin Wash, CEO Taxi Council Qld: “I say to Uber if you were not acting illegally, we would not be here today having this conversation.”

In a statement to QUT News, Uber expressed its disappointment at the Council’s response.

They fear the violence against Uber drivers is part of an intimidation campaign.

Cabbies too, don’t agree with using fists.

Vox 1:”Ah no, violence is not a good thing.”

Vox 2: “They took my business yeah, but it’s not good, any fighting is not good.”

But with three alleged assaults in one morning the battle is reaching fever pitch.

While both the Taxi Council and drivers are quick to decry any form of violence, there certainly is a great deal of animosity toward the ride share app.

Benjamin Wash, CEO Taxi Council Qld:”For no reason should there be assaults, just like for no reason should someone have to sit and watch as others conduct illegal activity blatantly in front of them.”

Both sides say a solution needs to be reached and fast.

Nick Kelly, QUT News.