Young mental health patients now have access to a new facility in Brisbane.

The Clearthinking Youth Assessment Centre, provides diagnoses and care for young people.

Carissa Kemp reports.


It’s the first of its kind in Brisbane and was opened by the Governor in the lead up to World mental health day tomorrow.

The new centre at Taringa provides guidance and care for those with mental health issues.

Paul de Jersey, Queensland Governor: “Mental illness is heavily stigmatised in Australian society, and schizophrenia has faired particularly badly.”

Health workers say the younger age group with problems from depression to anxiety aren’t getting the attention they need.

Joanne Rathbone, Youth Reference Group Member: “Mental health issues for young people are just not addressed effectively at the moment.”

The youth assessment centre brings together some of the most renowned specialists in their field.

One in four young Australians suffers a mental health issue before the age of 25. And nearly half of those will remain untreated.

Parents are urged to talk to their children more , observe their actions, and seek help if they’re worried about their behaviour.

Stanley Catts, Clearthinking: “When they notice some change in their young persons behaviour, their son or daughter, they shouldn’t ignore it.”

Clearthinking hopes its new centre will provide answers.

Carissa Kemp, QUT News.