Up to 150,000 AFL fans converged on Melbourne today for the annual Grand Final parade.

And for the first time, a public holiday was declared for the event.

Tobi Loftus reports.


A perfect Spring Day and a perfect start to Grand Final weekend.

Some thought making today a public holiday would see smaller crowds.

Even Malcolm Turnbull took to Twitter, to make a jab at the decision.

But nothing could stop the enthusiastic Hawks and Eagles fans barracking for their teams.

VOX 1: “We’re the Eagles, West Coast Eagles, and we’re here to show you why.”

VOX 2: “We’re definitely Western Australians from Bunbury, we’ve come over here to watch the AFL and this is my first time.”

VOX 3: “Well you can bring your families down and enjoy the day.”

Reporter: “A lot of these people could never come to the Grand Final parade?

VOX 4: “Never, you had to work, work commitments, everything else, excellent.”

The parade began at midday with the temperature in Melbourne reaching 27 degrees.

However, this heat did not deter fans.

VOX 5: “We can do it guys, three in a row, create history, don’t give up, go the Hawks.”

VOX 6: “Who’s going to win tomorrow? HAWKS!”

VOX 7: “Eagles, Eagles, Eagles.”

The joyous atmosphere will be at fever pitch by first bounce at the MCG at 2.30 tomorrow afternoon.

Tobi Loftus, QUT News.